Cybersecurity training is broken

Video: Cybersecurity training is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

User awareness training isn’t working. It hasn’t worked for a while. There are good reasons for this, and as cybersecurity threats mount, it would be good for security pros to understand them. SecTor sat down with several experts at its tenth annual conference in October 2016 and asked them what was wrong. Here’s what they […]

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Single Biggest Cybersecurity Measure

Video: Your Single Biggest Cybersecurity Improvement

There are, at the time of writing, 331 days until the new year. That’s’ a lifetime in cybersecurity. What major goals are you hoping to achieve in your cybersecurity practice before then? SecTor sat down with six experts to get their recommendations for the single priority to focus on in 2017. Here’s what they had […]

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Mikko Hypponen

Back to the Future with Mikko Hypponen

In a few decades, your computers may be mostly bug-free because programmers won’t be writing your code, according to Mikko Hyponnen. The chief research officer for F-Secure always has something controversial to say, which is why Black Arts Illuminated has bought him back as a keynote for SecTor 2016, which marks the security conference’s tenth year. Today, […]

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