When Malware Developers Slip Up

Cybersecurity researchers spend their lives finding security flaws in programs so that vendors can fix them, but bugs aren’t exclusive to legitimate software. Malicious software authors make mistakes too. Where do they go to find out about them? In January, cybersecurity researcher John Page launched Malvuln, a site that documents bugs in malware. The site […]

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Understanding Malware from the Inside Out

Analyzing malware has always been a little like working in a digital virology lab. Researchers have to organize virus and worm samples, and keep them in a protected environment that won’t risk infecting anyone else. Then they must pick the viruses apart, often trying to outwit malware coders that may have built anti-analysis measures into […]

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How Machines Will Classify Malware

How Machines Will Classify Our Malware

John Seymour believes that machines can do a better job of classifying an ocean of malware – if we can just teach them properly. Seymour, a data scientist at social media threat intelligence firm ZeroFOX, wants to turn computers into sorting tools that can help antivirus researchers. He has devoted his PHD studies to the […]

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