why we don't learn from cybersecurity mistakes

Why We Don’t Learn From Our Cybersecurity Mistakes

No one will remember you for the mistakes you make. It’s how you deal with them afterwards that defines you. The most mature people own and correct their slip-ups, learning from them to avoid future repetitions. When it comes to cybersecurity, though, Mark Sangster says that companies aren’t that good at the learning part, meaning […]

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Iain Paterson data breach

Preparing for a Data Breach

It’s 2018, and companies are still fighting governments over how to handle data breaches. Verizon just lost a bid to stop users from suing it over several data breaches at its Yahoo! online property. The state of Pennsylvania sued Uber for waiting over a year to tell customers that their personal information had been compromised, […]

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When Data Breach Reports Collide

58 cents or $200 – how much does a lost record cost? Just how accurate can you be when estimating the cost of a lost record in a data breach? A spat between Verizon and data breach expert Larry Ponemon has thrown the question into sharp focus. This figure is important to CISOs. They have […]

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