Security Debt

Paying the Price for Security Debt

You spend time paying down your credit card and mortgage debt at home, but are you up to date on your security debt? Security debt is an offshoot of another term, known as technical debt. The latter isn’t itself a common term in an industry always chasing shiny new features. First coined by agile development […]

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Finding the incentive for cybersecurity

Finding incentives for cybersecurity

Another day, another large corporate hack. Companies continue to lose our data, through a combination of poor funding and misjudged security measures. None of them want it to happen, but do they have enough incentives to prevent it? Companies must comply with industry regulations, but as we repeatedly see, the bare minimum often isn’t enough. There’s a difference […]

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Rebooting Canada’s Cybersecurity Strategy

What should Canada’s next cybersecurity strategy look like? The federal government is asking the country how it should the harden private and public sector against attack. Public services minister Ralph Goodale announced the three-month consultation in late August, after voicing the need for an update. Items on the government’s agenda include certification schemes for business […]

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