What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die

What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die?

Your last will and testament used to focus on things like physical property and cash in the bank. Now in a world of digital assets, that’s all changing. Jennifer Robertson should know. She was the partner of Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur Gerald Cotten. Cotten, who founded cryptocurrency exchange QuadricaCX, passed away in India in early December […]

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Why Cryptocurrency Is An Easy Target For Thieves

Another day, another cryptocurrency hack. Earlier this month, cryptocurrency conversion platform Bancor lost $23.5m in cryptocurrency after hackers managed to compromise a wallet. Attackers stole $12.5m in Ether, $1m of Pundi X tokens, and $10m of Bancor Network Tokens (BNT), which are smart tokens used to convert other currencies. Bancor managed to freeze the BNT, […]

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