This Hacker Could Pwn Your Home Network in 60 Seconds

This Man Can Hack Your Home Network in 62 Seconds

When you next go to watch Game of Thrones on your Chromecast, don’t be surprised if you see something entirely unexpected pop up on your screen instead. Tripwire’s principal security researcher Craig Young took some time away from running the IoT Hack Lab at SecTor 2018 to show us how someone could get inside your […]

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IoT Security: Can You Trust Your Fridge?

Tripwire’s IoT Hack Lab team warn about IoT botnets and homes that might be too smart for their own good. What’s the only real way to render an Internet of Things device safe? Unplug it, says Craig Young. He is a security expert at Tripwire, which ran its first IoT Hack Lab at the SecTor […]

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