How Blockchain Technology Could Secure Your Data

How much data are you giving up just to access financial services, get paid, or simply buy liquor? Recently, this writer did some work for a large company that onboarded suppliers and processed payments through a third party service bureau. Part of the process involved proving that I was qualified to work in Canada. For […]

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Building botnets with the blockchain

Building Botnets on the Blockchain

Whenever a new technology comes along, it isn’t long before someone works out how to use it for nefarious purposes. The latest is the blockchain underpinning Ethereum, which is a next-generation network for running decentralized applications. At SecTor this week, security researcher Majid Malaika reveals how to use one of Ethereum’s most innovative features to […]

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Security standards for the blockchain

In the future, your data may be secured not by some central gatekeeper, but by a vast, distributed set of participants, each holding some or all of it. Blockchain technology is the new frontier of cybersecurity, but it’s also the Wild West of information architecture. What efforts are being made to standardize it? The blockchain […]

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