Bruce Potter has had a more eclectic career than most in cybersecurity. He has run an Alaskan ISP on a shoestring and walked the halls of government contractors, where everything had to be signed in triplicate. In the meantime, he’s visited pretty much everywhere else in between. He also runs popular security conference ShmooCon when he isn’t busy working as CISO at managed security company Expel.

At SecTor 2018, he took us through his long, winding and entertaining career arc and told us what he learned along the way. We got a few minutes in his busy schedule afterward to discuss it with him.

In our quick chat, he talks about why law firms often don’t have much of a clue about how easily hackable they are  and why criminals would care (they do — a lot). He talks about why people use tools as a substitute for headcount and why we keep having to buy new ones, and he talks about what it takes to be a good CISO (he should know). And finally, he talks about why you should never stand between a hacker and food.

When you’ve snacked on that, hop on over to the entree. The video of his keynote talk is here.



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