Wireless Hacking Techniques and Tips

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 18, 2011 - Feedback     

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Kent Woodruff

Wireless technology is exploding in popularity. Businesses are not only migrating to wireless networking, they are steadily integrating wireless technology and associated components into their wired infrastructure. The demand for wireless access to LANs is fueled by the growth of mobile computing devices and a desire by users for continual connections to the network without having to “plug in.” This explosion has given momentum to a new generation of hackers who specialize in inventing and deploying innovative methods of hijacking wireless communications.

Hackers are armed with file2net, MDK3, Aircrack-ng, Karma, Karmetasploit, Jasager, JasagerPwn, Satanic AP, Scapy, sslstrip, Sidejacking, Firesheep, Interceptor and other new tools that are launching attacks on networks that a year ago were said to be unbreakable. Adding to the confusion is the increase in rogue wireless devices including stealth rogues, soft APs, wireless-enabled laptops and smartphones, and neighboring wireless networks that bleed over, combining hostile rogues with friendly or unconnected devices.