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Will Your Backups Help You Recover from Ransomware?

Theatre1 October 5, 2022 4:15 pm - 4:35 pm Feedback     

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Nyron Samaroo

Most Canadian organizations have a backup and recovery plan for disasters such as blackouts or flooding, but surprisingly few are prepared for an arguably greater – and more likely – threat to their livelihood: cyberattacks. While 90 percent of Canadian organizations reported falling victim to cyberattacks such as ransomware over the past year, according to CDW’s 2022 Security Study, just over a third were able to fully restore their data and systems from backups, and 21 percent reported an inability to recover at all. In this presentation, Nyron Samaroo will discuss how CSOs, CISOs and other technical security staff can implement a dependable backup and data protection strategy, ensuring business continuity in the face of rising cyberattacks – and minimizing the time, data and revenue lost by Canadian organizations to security incidents.