Visualizing Your Security Posture from Link, to Gateway, and Beyond

Tools (716AB) October 10, 2019 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Feedback     

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Joe Cummins

The intersections between IT, OT, and (I)IOT has continued to fuse multiple domains within the organization. And in a world where we need to fully understand our security posture and react to the world around us, visualization is key.

During this presentation we will dive deep on the toolsets, tradecraft and methodologies to render (visualize) network systems and traffic. We will be highlighting real world examples of organizations that operate within the Canadian ecosystem, and what was discovered in real-time using these tools to highlight areas of exploration and error. We will share what is occurring at a “wire” level, and how this affects the gaps and overlaps of the security program. Finally, we will dissect the existing traffic to spot malware proliferation, DNS queries, and other security issues that may go unnoticed. As a part of this presentation, we will be releasing exclusively to SecTor attendees the CLAW 2.5 community build.