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Two Years of Accelerated Cybersecurity and the Demands Being Placed on Cyber Defenders

Theatre1 October 5, 2022 11:00 am - 11:20 am Feedback     

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Tony Anscombe

In the last few years cybercriminals have, upped their monetization demands, attacked critical infrastructure, utilized supply chain attacks, and continued to inflict untold damage on businesses and consumers. The woes don’t stop there, the conflict in Ukraine has seen attacks on power grid infrastructure and destructive data wipers, causing heightened potential cyber-attack alerts to be issued by governments across the globe. The presenter will share data on how businesses perceive cybersecurity and highlight some of the recent cyber-incidents, including those in Ukraine, how the role of cyber defenders may be changing, and how the increased focus of regulation around cyber incidents may affect the role of cybersecurity teams; they may even need to have a legal resource on the team.