There’s no such thing as a coincidence – Discovering Novel Cyber Threats

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 20, 2015 - Feedback     

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Jim Penrose

Jim will provide an in-depth background of the changing cyber threat landscape, with specific focus on recent incidents including the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the massive data breach at Anthem Healthcare, and the compromise at the US Office of Personnel Management of nearly every US government employees’ personal information. Jim will share his unique perspective on the asymmetric nature of the cyber threat and the strategic implications for Canada, USA, and Europe moving forward. Jim will delve into what it takes to discover cyber threats in spite of a cyber security paradigm that has a stunning track record of failure. He will outline how an intelligence driven approach to discovery makes it possible to identify unknown/unknowns in a context that makes them relevant. Jim will offer a strategy to prioritize resources devoted to cyber intelligence efforts and turn it into action to hunt down threats. Finally, he will talk about the tremendous human resource available to operationalize these concepts.