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The Theory of Cyber Security Evolution: Adopting Continuous Active Threat Protection and Security as a Service

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 21, 2014 - Feedback     

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Eldon Sprickerhoff

We’re all aware that the cyber threat landscape continues to shift and evolve at a staggering pace. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and let’s face it – the notion that signatures are dead is an exaggeration. Cyber security is continuing to shift too, as industry experts begin to prescribe continuous monitoring over incident response. Recognizing the need to identify adaptive, integrated security protection architectures, IT research and advisory juggernaut Gartner recently announced the development of a new solutions category called Continuous Active Threat Protection. Listen as eSentire’s Founder and Chief Security Strategist Eldon Sprickerhoff outlines Gartner’s 5-Style Advanced Threat Defense Model and how the shift toward continuous monitoring will impact next generation security platforms and the evolution of security as a service.

The key takeaways for this session are: ‘Learn more about the key elements of an adaptive security architecture (ASA) and how organizations can plan for integration’ and ‘The cascade effect: how ASA can help enterprise protect their vendor endpoints’.

October 22, 2014 | Tech 1 (718a) | 11:30 – 12:00