The Search for Intelligent Life

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 18, 2011 - Feedback     

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Ed Bellis

For years businesses have been mining and culling data warehouses to measure every layer of their business right down to the clickstream information of their web sites. These business intelligence tools have helped organizations identify points of poor product performance, highlighting areas of current and potential future demand, key performance indicators, etc. In the information security field we still tend to look at our information in silos. Dedicated engineers solely focused on web application security, network security, compliance and so on, all while bemoaning a lack of support and information.

What if Information Security teams operated with the same insight as the product, marketing and business intelligence groups within their organization? Imagine if you had a data warehouse covering all of your applications, infrastructure, logs, vulnerability assessments, incidents, financial information, and meta data. What could you do with this readily available information?


By gathering and using both internal and public data, information security teams can utilize decision support systems allowing them to prioritize remediation efforts and react faster to issues. When looking through disparate data sources with a security lens, a security team can mine information that may expose threats through multiple vectors or paths.

In this talk, Ed will cover some of the many sources of security data publicly available and how to apply them to add context to your security data and tools to help make more intelligent decisions. Ed also points out a number of ways to repurpose information and tools your company is already using in order to glean a clearer view into your information security program and the threats that may effect it.