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The Rise of Threat Detection and Response

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 21, 2014 - Feedback     

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Lucas Zaichkowsky

It seems like it was only yesterday that security was focused almost exclusively on preventative mechanisms as though we’re still facing the same self-replicating viruses from 15 years ago. Overnight it seems, organizations recognize that modern threats like information stealers, botnets, and targeted attacks regularly bypass preventative measures. As a result, great investments are being made in threat detection technologies. However, as alerts are received security analysts need to manually piece together data from multiple sources to validate and act upon them which takes precious time. This workload places analysts in a reactive posture where they’re constantly racing to keep up. Frequently, they have no choice but to take shortcuts and quickly choose what’s important based on limited information – or ignore alerts entirely. Additionally, the time it takes to manually collect, analyze, and contain threats drastically increases the window of exposure. Both of these undesirable results are a recipe for disaster as highlighted in breach reports year after year. In this session, learn why the industry is moving away from point products to platforms with consolidated capabilities and automation to stay ahead of the game.

October 21, 2014 | Tech 1 (Hall G) | 14:40 – 15:40