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The Benefit of a “Research-Driven” IT Security Partner, especially in this day of Modern Malware

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 23, 2012 - Feedback     

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Elvis Gregov
William Tysiak

As the trusted security advisor to 65 of the Fortune 100, Accuvant is in a unique position to understand the current and emerging security challenges of these organizations.

Many of these organizations over the past couple of years have been struggling with the challenges of “Modern Malware”, “Mobile Device Management and Security” and how to secure “Virtualized” environments and “Cloud” infrastructures. Accuvant attracts and employs the top minds in the security industry to build subject matter expertise on these topics through a research-driven approach and then creates service offerings around these emerging threats and challenges to help secure our clients data.

In this session, we will explore how Accuvant’s team of top security researchers (Network World recently published their list of the Top 10 Security All-stars in the World and two were from Accuvant, Charlie Miller and David Litchfield) allow Accuvant’s clients to stay one step ahead. We will also share how initiatives such as Accuvant LABS new Malware Blog, where Accuvant becomes the first company to publicly share malware behavioral data and mitigation tools and techniques, is helping the security community at large.