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The Agent of Influence

Theatre2 October 5, 2022 11:45 am - 12:05 pm Feedback     

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Charity Wright

In a world of media chaos and disinformation, how do you differentiate truth from lies? How do you choose your sources of information? Never before have nation-states had a tool as far-reaching as the internet to tell stories, spread messages, and deceive friends and foes alike. Today, over 95% of Canadians and Americans are connected to the internet, making us an ideal target for harmful foreign influence. We are facing an unprecedented disinformation disaster. Through storytelling, persistence, and deception, foreign governments like China and Russia are effectively infiltrating social networks, elections, political parties, news media, and culture to interfere in democratic processes and delegitimize Western forms of governance. In the process, they aim to isolate the West and bring allies to their side.

Dive deep into the hidden-in-plain-sight world of foreign influence operations with US Army and NSA veteran Charity Wright as she demonstrates real-life, current day examples of Chinese and Russian influence in Canada and the US. Through undercover investigations and analysis of both foreign and US media, Charity will demonstrate how and why foreign governments are pouring their resources into this work, why our governments are spending billions of dollars to counter disinformation, and how we can protect ourselves from falling prey to foreign online influence.