Sniper Forensics – Changing the Landscape of Modern Forensics and Incident Response

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 20, 2009 - Feedback     

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Chris Pogue

Live Analysis tools and techniques have exploded onto the incident response scene in the last two years. By gathering and reviewing volatile data and RAM dumps, incident responders can use time proven theories like, “Locard’s Exchange Principle”, “Occam’s Razor”, and “The Alexiou Principle” to target only the systems that are part of the breach. What used to take hours of analysis can now be done is minutes! What used to take weeks, can now take days!

By using sound logic and data reduction based on forensic evidence extracted from Live Analysis, incident responders can introduce accuracy and efficiency into their case work at a level not available through any other means. This is truly the cutting edge of modern computer forensics, and not something to be taken lightly! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn tips, tools, and hear real world examples of how Live Analysis is literally changing the landscape of modern forensics!