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Security for Mortals: Think like a Hacker and Protect Your Assets

Silver Track 3 November 3, 2021 1:50 pm - 2:20 pm Feedback     

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Laura Payne
Raheel Qureshi

Organizations spend millions of dollars in their Cybersecurity Program building governance programs and enhancing security operations, however major incidents still happen. We know you can never have 100% assurance and a new security technology is not always the solution, but how do you explain that to the Board and Senior Executives who received regular updates on Cyber Progress when a major incident still took place?

This session will be a “real life” security 101 providing insight into key techniques and tactics (T&T) used by most malicious threat actors and outline the effective controls to stop them. iSecurity’s best practices are developed from the insight learned from conducting thousands of penetration tests and red team exercises, and will add significant Security Resilience to any organization, if applied.