SECurity FUNdamentals

Run Faster, Continuously Harden – Embracing DevOps to Secure All The Things

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 20, 2015 - Feedback     

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Chayim Kirshen

Infrastructure and application deployments are easy, but as security professionals we have to be conscious of the security concerns. Enter DevOps: pro-actively secure, reduce the attack surface, and automate changes at scale. Through a security focussed lens, we look at how embracing DevOps can reduce information security leakages for application and infrastructure deployments. In this session, we will discuss the philosophy, techniques, and tools that help us reduce risk, while gaining an appreciation of the approach and problems being solved through software development. Through attending this session, attendees will be well positioned to continue their exploration of DevOps, and understand the positioning of the technologies and philosophy that help make this happen.