Retaking surrendered ground: making better decisions to fight cybercrime

Keynote Hall October 19, 2016 12:00 pm - 1:10 pm Feedback     

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Chris Pogue

Every organisation that stores, processes or transmits valuable data will fall victim to a cybersecurity breach. But why? If we know the enemy is coming, and how they’re going to attack, why can’t we stop them?  Or even put up a good fight?  New research makes it clear that for the past 15 years we have been fighting the wrong battle.

In this keynote, international cybersecurity expert Chris Pogue will share details of his ground-breaking research into how people make decisions under pressure and why this leads to poor outcomes in the battle against cybercrime. He will lay out a new perspective for security professionals who want to overcome their cognitive biases and take back some of the ground they have surrendered to the enemy. He will show how practical steps, when implemented as part of an advanced defence strategy, can significantly improve your organisation’s ability to deflect, detect, respond to and recover from a data breach.

If not now, when?  If not you, then who?  You’re already in the fight. It’s time to start fighting the right battle and take back surrendered ground!