SECurity FUNdamentals

Preventing Home Automation Security Disasters

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 20, 2015 - Feedback     

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James Arlen

Increasingly, our lives are becoming entangled with gadgets that require more than simple installation, they require WiFi and an IP address. As we move from upholstered caves to house-shaped machines that automagically know when to turn lights on or off, raise or lower the temperature, unlock the front door upon our approach – we might want to consider having some security. Except that’s not what’s happening. Instead, we have a dire situation where it’s far more likely that our homes are going to refuse our will or even be turned against us – Cryptolocker on your laptop is one problem, the equivalent attack on your air conditioner isn’t going to be much fun at all. During this session, we’ll explore how we ended up in this place, discuss mitigation techniques and even a few ways of preventing some sort of home automation apocalypse.

PS: If you think these devices aren’t being installed in your office, you’re wrong. 🙂