Outrunning the Avalanche of Unmanaged, Un-agentable Devices

Management (801B) October 10, 2019 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Feedback     

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Nadir Izrael

There’s a torrent of unmanaged, un-agentable devices sweeping across businesses in every industry. From devices like smart TVs, MRI machines, patient infusion pumps, industrial device controllers, and manufacturing robotic arms, to printers, smartwatches, smart HVACs, and badge readers. These devices form an attack surface which is neither protected by nor monitored by traditional security products. That makes these devices ideal targets for bad actors who can use them to penetrate networks without detection. Join our session to learn about:

  • The explosive growth of unmanaged and un-agentable devices
  • Real-world attacks on devices we’ve seen
  • Approaches you can take to monitor and secure these devices