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On the Eve of Quantum Computing: The Definitive Need for Crypto Agility

Theatre (803AB) October 2, 2018 2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Feedback     

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Chris Hickman

On the eve of quantum computing, the definitive need for crypto-agility is greater than ever. The ability to locate, manage, and securely update digital certificates on a network or on a device seems like a simple task, yet with the advent of new Enterprise use cases and flourishing IoT device introductions, management at massive scale becomes a challenge. Facing mounting pressures, IT security personnel and product managers are tasked with implementing solutions fit for today’s environment plus tomorrow’s post-quantum world. Join renowned Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) expert and Certified Security Solutions (CSS) VP of Managed Services, Chris Hickman, as he outlines the defense against quantum computing, crypto-agility:

  • Demystifying quantum computing: cryptographic kryptonite
  • Challenges with digital certificate/device management at scale
  • Futureproof, quantum-safe digital identity solutions for today’s Enterprise & IoT