No-Tech Hacking

Keynote Hall October 21, 2008 - Feedback     

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Johnny Long

Based on the book No-Tech Hacking, this presentation shows life through the eyes of today’s hacker. I’ll show what kinds of tactics a hacker will employ and the perspective they have that allows them to stay one step ahead of the good guys. I’ll focus on the hacker mind, showing in a compelling way the mindset that must be adopted when it comes to protecting (or violating) assets, resources and and information.

I will show how easy it is to break into buildings, access corporate networks, perform identity theft, steal data and more, all without complicated equipment and tools, focusing instead on manipulating the human elements of trust following the path of least security resistance.

Packed with tons of photos and videos, this talk presents real-world situations, applying the true hacker mindset to each one. I’ll warn you though, while you’re laughing yourself silly at some of these examples, you may never see the world the same way again.