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Mitigate Organizational Risk With Integrated Cyber Resilience

Virtual October 22, 2020 11:20 am - 11:50 am Feedback     

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Thom Bailey

Threats have changed over the years and so have the targets. It’s not just your perimeter that is at risk, it’s your customers, your supply chain, your employees and your business reputation that could be easily tarnished with just one breach. In this session, we’ll discuss how and why you should consider an integrated approach to IT security. One solution will not solve all the threats, a layered approach is better but deep integration with the sharing of threat data at speed is a modern necessity.

  • Learn the benefits of a consolidated cyber resilience platform to layer your security, enhance visibility, and more effectively reduce time to respond/remediate (MTTR)
  • Leverage an open API platform that uses shared Threat Intelligence to integrate with prevention, detection, and response technologies
  • Identify phishing emails with Machine Learning – and use real-life de-weaponized phishing attacks to both train and educate end-users
  • Understand and manage business risk with a Risk Score comprised of aggregated data to gauge the organization’s security posture