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Mapping The Penetration Tester’s Mind – An introduction to a pentester’s approach to security audits

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 18, 2011 - Feedback     

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Nicholas Donarski

“Mapping The Penetration Tester’s Mind” will present tools, methodologies, standards, and frameworks that are used during an active security engagement. This will give the attendees a broad understanding of how a penetration tester locates and determines what is a target, how vulnerabilities are located, what a penetration tester does to actively gain access, and how one small vulnerability can lead to complete infrastructure breach. Many participants understand the importance of having penetration testing performed, but do not understand what is actively done during the engagement. The presentation will provide a good base of information into the penetration tester’s mindset and allow all participants an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of how to provide guidance to their clients for a successful assessment.