Malware Freakshow 2010

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Nicholas J. Percoco
Jibran Ilyas

We had a busy year. We investigated over 200 incidents in 24 different countries. We ended up collecting enough malware freaks [samples] to fill up Kunstkammer a few times over. Building upon last year’s DEFCON talk, we want to dive deeper and bring you the most interesting samples from around the world – including one that made international headlines and the rest we’re positive no one’s ever seen before (outside of us and the kids who wrote them). This talk will bring you 4 new freaks and 4 new victims including: a Sports Bar in Miami, Online Adult Toy Store, US Defense Contractor, and an International VoiP Provider. The malware we are going to demo are very advanced pieces of software written by very skilled developers. The complexity in their propagation, control channels, anti-forensic techniques and data exporting properties will be very interesting to anyone interested in this topic.