Leverage AI in Threat Management

Tools (716AB) October 6, 2022 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Feedback     

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Ida Siahaan

As adversaries become more advanced with their techniques and tactics, security professionals must draw on effective tools, processes, and emerging technologies to mount a successful defense. In this talk, we will review the challenges and the current state of threat management and threat intelligence sharing. We will also discuss how AI-based threat management can help reducing cybersecurity staff burnout by automation and orchestration.

AI has been around since 1940’s but why it is only becoming hype recently? It is due to the supporting technologies which are now available e.g., faster GPUs to do the complex computation and cheaper storage for the massive volume of data. However, besides the many benefits of applying AI, it also poses risks that needs to be managed such as the need of useful data not just big data.

Leveraging AI in threat management is rightly in-time also with the trend toward IT-OT-IIoT convergence, hence we will also cover the solution landscape for cyber-physical threats. In conclusion, let AI do what it excels at and let human do the other important tasks.