It’s 2016: What can you do about gender balance in Information Security?

Keynote Hall October 19, 2016 9:00 am - 10:00 am Feedback     

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Laura Payne and Co.
Alexis Lavi
Andrea Stapley
Julie Leo
Karen Nemani
Marilyn Blamire

Successfully defending against modern threats requires information security teams to possess the right balance of hard and soft skills for engaging business and technology groups to secure an organization. This is creating more opportunities for women from a variety of backgrounds to join this industry, make positive contributions in a variety of ways and to achieve great success. But in an industry where 9 out of 10 ‎professionals are men, it’s easy to question what influence each of us can have over gender balance in Information Security. Through discussions with one another in this industry, it’s a common theme among women to recognize that we are not here because we woke up aspiring to be “Xena, Cyberwarrior Princess” but rather because someone identified and supported us as intellectual and capable individuals and encouraged us to pursue a career in information security.

Join our panel of women in InfoSec for an open discussion about our perspectives on being a woman in this industry. We will examine the challenges women have to manage to be successful in what is still a “man’s world” and what both men and women can do to encourage more women to consider a career in Information Security.