Involuntary Case Studies in Data Security

Keynote Hall October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Mike Rothman

It is absolutely backwards, but while the bad guys constantly share details of their exploits, including techniques, when it comes to real incidents, actual defenders rarely talk about what worked, and what didn’t. In this session, Mike Rothman will name names as he builds in-depth case studies based on publicly available information, some of which isn’t overly public. He will combine these with the latest information from breach reports and other statistical sources to build a picture of how real breaches happen, which security controls really work, and which compliance checkboxes are a complete and total waste of time.

Through these case studies you’ll learn:

  • From your peers through real-world examples of breaches, some of which haven’t been publicly reported or widely discussed
  •  What security controls can really protect you during an incident
  •  How breaches happen and ways you can prevent breaches to your organization
  •  How to prioritize your security efforts to be most prepared for preventing or worst case dealing with an incident