Into the Black: Explorations in DPRK

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Mike Kemp

North Korea scares people. Allegedly DPRK has a super l33t squad of killer haxor ninjas that regularly engage in hit an run hacks against the Defense department, South Korea, or anyone else who pisses of the Glorious Leader. DPRK also has no real Internet infrastructure to speak of (as dictators don’t like unrestricted information), although it does have a number of IP blocks (unused?). This talk examines some of the myths about DPRK, and some of their existing and emerging technologies. This talk also examines some of the available infrastructure associated with DPRK (funnily enough some of which is in South Korea and Japan) and explores the potential technical threats posed by a pernicious regime, as well as exposing some of the huge gaps in logic that have led to the world potentially engaging in chicken little syndrome when it comes to DPRK. No 0days will be demonstrated, however this talk will discuss some new information that hasn’t yet been made public, and will hopefully call time on the whole ‘cyberwar’ sideshow.