How to Select your Future Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Tech 2 (718B) October 3, 2018 10:15 am - 11:15 am Feedback     

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Bruno Couillard

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) come in a variety of shapes, forms and sizes, and are used for different purposes. They are also deployed in a myriad of ways based on your needs. If you are thinking about using HSMs, just curious about what is out there, or using them today and not sure if you are doing so optimally, then this session is for you.

This presentation is aimed at anyone involved with the daunting task of selecting the next HSM for securing their enterprise applications as they struggle to answer questions such as: Can your HSM help secure your application while coping with the ever-shrinking perimeter of the secure network environment, as well as maintaining proper separation of functionality within these shrinking confines? How do you ensure that your cryptographic solution ages well, especially given the likely existence of Quantum Computers in the next 10-15 years? How can you accomplish all this while desperately seeking the required skilled resources to design, deploy, and operate complex security systems?

Join Bruno as he provides an overview of existing HSM products in the market place and expands on the capabilities that will be required from your next generation HSM to cope with the ever increasing needs and complexity of your security systems. The intent is to help bring some much-needed vision of a path towards a next generation HSM to address the challenges of tomorrow.