Hacking Bluetooth for Fun, Fame and Profit

Expo Theatre (Hall G) - Feedback     

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Dino Covotsos

Enhancements in cellular technology and mobile computing in recent years has lead to the availability of affordable and powerful mobile devices. Where before cellular phones where relegated only to the business class and other members of the upper-echelon of society, today they are deemed a necessity and have become so cheap in comparison to phones of years past that almost anybody can own one. One of these enhancements is definitely the Bluetooth specification, which allows for the creation of short range wireless personal area networks. In recent years however, it has come to light that various flaws exist in certain Bluetooth implementations. Our paper aims at demystifying these vulnerabilities. Amongst other things it will include the procedures involved in bluesnarfing, the potential hazards of bluejacking as well as the backdooring of mobile devices. We will also be demonstrating the tools and techniques used in accomplishing the above listed attacks.