Fiber Channel – Your OTHER Data Center Network

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 22, 2013 - Feedback     

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Rob VandenBrink

The majority of large datacenter storage architectures in the world are currently based on Fiber Channel networks. Unfortunately, the emphasis on security, compliance, and audit remains on hosts and traditional Ethernet networks, leaving the Fiber Channel behind as “a storage thing” that for some reason is never secured. Abdicating this responsibility leaves the Fiber Channel network open as a conduit for unfettered, unmonitored recon and theft of data, without regard for security zones you may have defined on your IP network.

In this presentation we’ll explore commonly overlooked security settings in Fiber Channel security, how to audit, pentest, or attack fiber channel, and more importantly, how to secure your Fiber Channel network. Live demos of methods and tools are (of course) part of this presentation.