FAIL Panel Version 5 – EquiFAIL!

Tech 2 (718B) November 14, 2017 1:25 pm - 2:25 pm Feedback     

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James Arlen
Dave Lewis
Ben Sapiro
Rich Mogull

In 2012, we talked about the APT. In 2013, we talked about BYOD and Consumerized IT. In 2014, it was #failAMA. In 2015, Ben Sapiro FAILED to submit an abstract. In 2016, James was VOLUNTOLD to do the thing. It’s 2017, and the voluntoldee said yes again.

This is the time when we talk about how we’ve spent another year in this industry doing the wrong things, letting bad guys win, and generally bringing The Fail to our day-to-day lives. It will be irrelevant and irreverent and also completely awesome. Bring your Qs and As and be ready to participate unwillingly as a member of the audience.

DISCLAIMER: We’ve got jobs, we’d like to keep them. I didn’t hear anything while in the room – did you?