FAIL Panel: I Quit Securi7y

Tech 1 (718A) October 9, 2019 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Feedback     

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James Arlen
Rich Mogull
Nick Johnston
Dave Lewis

In order to save the security industry, someone had to quit or be fired. Is this the ultimate fail or the only way to beat Thanos?

This year’s panel includes all the best viewpoints: a vendor, an academic, a startup, and a quitter. Half the panel does more operations work than security work and has a lot of opinions to share. You can expect irrelevant, irreverent, and completely awesome moments. Bring your Qs and Qs and be ready to participate unwillingly as a member of the audience. Also, prizes.

DISCLAIMER: We’ve got jobs, we’d like to keep them. We will behave. You won’t be Media while in the room and you won’t report out of context on social media. Be cool.