Exploiting IoT Devices Over Software Defined Radio, ZigBee, WiFi and BLE

November 14, 2017 - Feedback

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Swaroop Yermalkar

With arrival of new smart devices every day, Internet of Things is one of the most upcoming trends in technology. Most of these devices have a component to communicate over Wireless. However, many of these devices communicate over proprietary protocols and it’s important to know the process of analyzing and finding flaws in it. This session will start with implementations of SDR (Software Defined Radio) and ZigBee (802.15.4), and will then cover practical approaches for identifying attack surfaces and exploiting IoT Devices over SDR, ZigBee and WiFi. This talk will cover ZigBee Sniffing Hardware, SDR Hardware – RTL SDR, HackRF, Radio Frequencies Basic, ZigBee Profiles, WiFi Attacks and ZigBee Security with IoT devices Practical Exploitation and also a walkthrough of audacity, GNU radio. This talk will help you to perform a security audit of proprietary protocol communication, ZigBee, and WiFi.