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Emerging Threats, The Battle for the Access edge

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Mark Townsend

Your network is under attack. Malware, Trojans, Botnets and host of other threats are alive and well in the Internet. The people who produce these threats have a new target — the wired and wireless edges of your network. To effectively detect and manage these threats you need a management platform that provides a single integrated view of both the wired and wireless infrastructures. With fast moving worms able to scan and infect thousands of systems in a few seconds, Network Administrators need to be able to quickly deploy new security policies to the entire infrastructure. Find out how the Enterasys solution provides an integrated management view for both the wired and wireless infrastructures. This integrated view enables network administrators to easily deploy fine grained security and class of service controls to the entire infrastructure with a single click. Enterasys solutions are standards-based and fully interoperable with all major networking vendors. Compliance requirements are addressed efficiently. Mission critical services are protected and the threats are controlled.