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Drinking Coffee, Unicorns & Demystifying Zero Trust

Virtual October 21, 2020 3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Feedback     

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Dave Lewis

So exactly what is zero trust? Buzzword, unicorn technology or a framework with meat on the bone? Well, yes on two counts. Zero trust is the realization that everything is on fire. In this talk I will endeavor to strip the idea of a zero trust program back to the bare metal. We will have a frank and open discussion over coffee (well, I will have coffee – you can bring your own) as to what it means to head down the path of zero trust. We will talk about what an organization needs to do before they ever speak to a vendor. Yes, sorry but, there is homework that needs to be done. The discussion will then focus on how to leverage the tools you already have in place in your networks today. Then we will examine tools that can be implemented to augment and support the organizational fiduciary responsibilities. Moving from protecting the castle to zero trust and then on to a password-less future. Zero trust is a program that will help defend against attacks that any organization can build towards with an eye to reducing risk, reducing costs, and ultimately improving sleep.