DNSSEC: Theory and Worldwide Operational Experiences

Expo Theatre (Hall G) - Feedback     

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Paul Wouters

The Domain Name System (DNS) has been up for an overhaul for many years, as the last “core internet” protocol left without any security. Attacks abusing the DNS to hijack domains, spoof websites and bypass spam filters are on the rise. July 2007 saw a major DNS hijacking attack. Gartner prominently added DNS attacks to their 2007 Hype Cycle.

DNSSEC is the technology to protect DNS against spoofing. With the US government pushing for adoption through FISMA, and the experience of a few early adopter countries such as Sweden and Bulgaria, DNSSEC deployment is now picking up speed.

Is the world ready for DNSSEC? Who is deploying DNSSEC right now? Does it really mean giving the keys of the Internet to the US Government? Can users gain the advantages of DNSSEC now? Is deployment too risky for the benefits gained? When should you start thinking about DNSSEC?

After attending his presentation, you will be able to make an informed decision about DNSSEC and your organization.

This presentation will include demonstrations of DNSSEC enhanced end user applications.

Paul Wouters has been running DNSSEC on a few hundred domains since 2003, making him one of the most experienced in the field.