Dissecting the Modern Threatscape: Malicious Insiders, Industrialized Hacking, and Advanced Persistent Threats

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Brian Contos

This is an intermediate to advanced level presentation that pulls from McAfee Labs research as well as real-life customers. This is original content designed to paint a clear picture of today’s threat landscape and through doing so illustrate the differences between insider threats, industrialized hackers, and APTs. Attacks are coming from all angles. In some cases they are very rudimentary; in others they are highly complex. Organizations must be able to protect themselves regardless, and do so in a way this is in parity with business operations, maintains employee and partner agility, and is manageable without the complexity of the solution being worse than the attack itself. Failure to address these three different attack types can result in everything from diminished brand loyalty, regulatory penalties, and lost revenue, to stolen intellectual property, economic competitive disadvantage, and military competitive disadvantage.