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Cyber Crime and Financial Crime: different sides of the same coin

Expo Theatre (Hall G) November 14, 2017 10:15 am - 10:45 am Feedback     

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Tyson Macaulay

Rapidly evolving technology and business channels have resulted in the cyber landscape becoming a core tool for criminals conducting all facets of financial crime. Modern day criminals seek to steal information and commit various types of conventional fraud with coordinated efforts that increasingly leverage cyber technologies.

Industries coping with compliance and/or processing financial transactions are affected, including financial institutions, insurance companies, retailers, and government. For these organizations, keeping pace with the evolution of technology is critical to Business Defense.

This session will offer:

  • Key use cases in the emerging intersection of financial and cyber crime
  • Information on how businesses can start bridging the gap between two typically independent domains, such the Chief Risk Officer (fraud and compliance) and the Chief Security Officer (cyber security and intelligence).