Developing Your Career in IT Security (2017)

Keynote Hall November 14, 2017 2:40 pm - 3:55 pm Feedback     

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Dave Millier
Eric Belzile
Laura Payne
Nik Alleyne
Tim Wyatt

The IT security industry continues to rapidly evolve. With this rate of change comes both opportunity and challenges. There are more areas of specialization and more types of employers to apply them to. Come to what will certainly be a spirited and exciting panel session on how very different segments of the industry are viewing the type of talent they want gain, train and retain. Whether you are looking for your first job, changing careers or an industry veteran looking for career development, this session is for you.

Be sure to click on each panel member to learn more about them.

Dave Millier – CEO at Uzado, will moderate the panel discussion and discuss careers in the consulting and services.

Nik Alleyne – SANS Representative, will provide a perspective on continuing professional education and certifications.

Laura Payne – Director, Information Security at BMO, will provide the perspective of careers in large enterprise.

Tim Wyatt – Chief Scientist at Lookout, will provide the perspective of working in research and product development.

Eric Belzile – Director General, Cyber Defence and IT Security Operations, Shared Services Canada, will provide a perspective of working in public sector.

Of course these panel of industry veterans have a very diverse background so there will certainly be many interesting perspectives! Be sure to stay for the Q&A portion as well as the mini-career fair proceeding the panel.