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Detecting The Insider Threat – Finding The Needle in Stack of Needles

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 18, 2011 - Feedback     

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Omar Garcia

A recent IDC survey found that 52% of insider threats were perceived as accidental and 19% thought to be deliberate. Although 82% of CxOs said they did not know if incidents were deliberate or not, 62% were unclear of the source of their company’s insider risk and could not accurately pinpoint or quantify the nature of the financial impact. The major challenges IS Managers face is to audit and immediately detect the potential abuse of internal administrative privilege and resources. Typically, breaches go undiscovered and uncontained for weeks or months in 75% of cases and the average time between a breach and the detection is 156 days according to Verizon 2010 Data Breach Report. Inside intruders use IT resources to commit fraud against an organization, steal intellectual property or in some cases national security espionage.

With Tripwire Enterprise and the integration of Tripwire Log Center which combines CHANGE AUDITING and LOG EVENT MANAGEMENT, we deliver an unprecedented level of Visibility, Intelligence and Automation to detect unapproved and unauthorized critical changes in real-time.

This dynamic presentation and demo will show you how Tripwire VIA can immediately correlate thousands of events of interests with changes of interest to immediately spot hidden intruders exploiting your resources.