Consumer Internet Identity.

Keynote Hall October 20, 2009 - Feedback     

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Andrew Nash

Andrew Nash senior director of identity services, PayPal

Consumers have too many online identities – they must remember dozens of accounts and passwords, consumer Internet interactions are repetitive, frustrating and littered with outdated information. The scale of the problem is immense; hundreds of millions of Internet users interact with tens of millions of Internet Service Providers daily. We don’t have a “network effect in action” for consumer identity, but we need one. The problem is not fundamentally about technology; consumer-managed Internet identity will depend on financial benefit for participants. Identity providers must also be a trusted “assertion provider” or “attribute broker” representing consumers. Andrew will talk about the issue and current and future solutions. He will also discuss the recent Gov 2.0 initiatives that the US Government is implementing using OpenId providers such as PayPal.