Conquer the Beast – How to Effectively Manage Open-source Intelligence Outbursts

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 23, 2012 - Feedback     

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Kevvie Fowler
Naveed Ul Islam

Open-source Intelligence has picked up quite a hype lately and everyone talks about its importance within a security program to protect organizations against present and emerging threats. With the advent of social media, monitoring all these sources has become even a bigger challenge. Despite its importance, no one has provided specific guidance on how exactly to harness it to feed your information security program.

This presentation will walk you through the open source feeds, tools, processes and know-how needed to zero in on the information relevant to your organization and how this information can be transformed into actionable intelligence. Upon conclusion of this talk you will be able to immediately incorporate and manage open source intelligence within your own organization. This is a must attend session for information security professionals! A customized open source intelligence tool will also be released during this talk.