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Boosting Canada’s Cyber Immune System for Internet Health

Expo Theatre (Hall G) November 14, 2017 2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Feedback     

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Matt Broda

As adversaries develop ways to make money through cybercrime and the number of attackers and suppliers of cybercrime tools are growing, organizations are finding it more difficult to protect themselves. This environment increasingly resembles an organism under attack from countless viruses, bacteria, parasites and toxic substances. To effectively defend against these threats, we can use the analogy of well-functioning immune system to build an interwoven net of collaborative defense to protect Canadian internet services. Internet Service Providers are uniquely positioned to play a role in boosting the cyber immune system. The session will look at how carriers can leverage their vast infrastructure to proactively detect threats, track adversaries and identify attacks trends, and how these can be used to enhance the defenses of the entire ecosystem. Every step on this path brings us closer to enabling a self-defending internet for Canada.