“BlueBorne” Explained – New Attack Vector Exposing 5B+ Devices

Tech 1 (718A) November 15, 2017 2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Feedback     

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Nadir Izrael

Called “Bluetooth’s Stagefright moment,” the Blueborne attack vector identified in September exposed 5B+ devices to hacking. It impacted major mobile, desktop, and IoT operating systems, including Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Blueborne attacks devices via Bluetooth in a manner never seen before, and spreads through the air (airborne). Users do not need to be on the Internet, take any action, or even pair with another device to be impacted. It was part of a new breed of attacks leveraging WiFi, bluetooth, Zigbee and other protocols that businesses need to protect against. This session will provide an in-depth review of BlueBorne, its 8 zero-day vulnerabilities, which devices were affected, and walk through how it can be used to take over a device or used for a Man in the Middle Attack. It will also cover why the legacy security architecture is broken, and how it needs to be updated to protect the billions of new IoT devices around us.